What do HHPs Do?


            Home Health Promoters (HHPs)are local people trained to respond to their community’s health needs.  They have the following roles:

1. Home Health Promoters: Teach communities how to improve health and prevent illness

2. Health Providers:  Treat common illnesses early and provide care as well as medication to chronically ill people.

3. Agents of Change: Help community members change their knowledge, attitudes, and practices to lead healthier lives.


SSHP’s workers provide reports that show the nature of their work and health issues addressed. The following statistics emphasize the types of health issues treated:

  • 245 Cases of Malaria
  • 189 Respiratory Issues
  • 113 Diarrhea
  • 104 Intestinal Worms
  • 36 Malnutrition

HHP’s provide education to many as these statistics demonstrate:

  • 163 School Age Children
  • 21 Pregnant Mothers
  • 106 Families at Home
  • 104 Youth Group Members
  • 124 Women

Additionally, the workers report that villagers line up outside their homes each morning seeking care. The villagers value the work provided by these providers.