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Distribution day

Here we have a distribution of the medicine that each SSHP Health Promoter will recieve to aid their area.

Home Health Promoters Share Their Stories

Mayol Malak has a lot to share from his visits with the Southern Sudan Health Project’s (SSHP) health workers in their four villages. Mayol tells of the project’s success as the workers provide preventive health care to nearly 1,000 villagers each month.


One story Mayol shared shows the joy a mother expressed to him. Back in 2011 she was sick and unable to conceive. The health workers were able to provide medication that restored her health. Since then she has given birth to two children including her daughter, Nyang, whose name means “doctor.” The name was chosen based on her gratitude to the workers. 







Rabecca Nyang Deng serves as a midwife in the village of Panpandier. She was trained in midwifery during her time in the refugee camps. While there, she also learned about medications and how to use them effectively. Rebecca is illiterate but is assisted with her written reports by her partner, Alier.







Philip Gai collects data as he works with his partner. The data show improvements in many health challenges the villagers face. Paul Riak reviews the data and shares it with our local SSHP committee. The government in Jongeli State is impressed by the efficiency and effectiveness of this project due to its services right in the village instead of at a clinic. The NGOs working in the area would like to partner with the workers because they do not travel into the villages but they could train the HHPs to provide the same services.