What is Southern Sudan Health Projects?

Southern Sudan Health Projects (SSHP) is a collaborative ministry initiative between the people of the United Methodist Church and the former Lost Boys of Sudan.  It receives support from the Upper New York Conference as Advance Special #966.  The mission develops community-based health care in eight villages in Malek, South Sudan, through the work of eight Home Health Care Promoters  (HHPs).

The villages typically suffer from malaria, respiratory problems, typhoid, infections and diarrhea, with children under the age of five requiring the most help.  With little medical care available in the country, South Sudan has some of the worst health conditions in the world.

A news report on the conditions of Southern Sudan by ABC News anchor David Muir first aired April 19, 2023: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4aKjbfPoZ4


Here is the translation to the video above:

The medicine has been brought again for the four villages. First there was $500 sent before and another $500 was sent. This is what we bought. The $500 that was bought we want to show that we do as you say. Even though it is little, we do what they expect of us. If we utilize it well, they will know that we used it wisely. Whatever starts little, it grows to be a bigger thing. The reason why we called you health workers together, that is why we will divide these medicines. When we grow trees, it starts with only one leaf and then the tree grows and starts to have more leaves and branches. We have a hope that this will grow and cover a bigger area.