Southern Sudan, the world’s youngest country, is a very troubled country. The new government is at odds with each other, and the toll on the people of the country is great.

Bishop Peter Joh Mayom of the Anglican Church in Malek, Southern Sudan, made a trip to Syracuse a few years back, and met with the Southern Sudan Health Project Team. He shared of the struggles of the country, and that more than half of the people from Malek are in refugee camps such as those in Uganda.







Lack of food, diseases, and political unrest has created economic and health problems that are considered one of the worst in the world.

It is in this situation that our eight Home Health Promoters work to make their villages better. Every day they work against the odds to offer health care to their communities. With medicines harder to come by because of the political and economic situation, they do what they can.

Southern Sudan Health Project offers encouragement and monthly wages. the challenges to get their pay to them is expensive, and, can be irregular. As funds are received by SSHP, they are sent as soon as possible to the workers.

The workers remain committed to the project, and have claimed that their work has saved thousands of


Our dreams for the future is to expand this project. Further, we wish to create United Methodist congregations in that area. We await the time when the country settles down, and these dreams can be made reality.

We invite you to be part of this important United Methodist mission project created by congregations in the Upper New York Conference.

-Rev. Bradford Hunt



Below are the most recent pictures of our SSHP staff with their names and locations of work on their chest to identify them.  They work in four different areas: Malual Chat, Malual Agor-Baar, Malek, Panpandiar

From left to right-

Top Row: Awuoi, John, Gong, Philip, and Paul

Bottom Row: Awur, Daniel, Martha, Rabecca



Assessment of Refugees displace by war from Sudan to South Sudan


11/30/2023 Newest Pictures